On My Mind – An Interview

I recently presented a poster at the annual Neuroscience conference in San Diego, California. Over 30,000 fabulous people were in attendance. While I was there I was interviewed by On Your Mind, an engaging weekly neuroscience podcast. The interview was afflicted by some slight sound troubles (and I’m distracted easily), but I think it turned out well. If you’re interested have a listen —

On Your Mind: SFN – U.S.A.

For the lazy: My interview is between 24:33 and 35:35, but I highly suggest you listen to the whole episode.


4 thoughts on “On My Mind – An Interview

  1. Wow, can’t wait to listen in. And to the entire thing, since the subject fascinates me silly.
    30,000? You have me beat by a factor of three at least. Of course it helps if one is blinded by the flood-lights, but 30K souls, properly stirred to action and all of one mind are a serious fighting force.

  2. Yes, you are correct; at least half of that crowd was murmuring in the background, ha.
    And now I’m wondering what the electrodes would say while, as a pole vaulter, I stood at the beginning of the runway and imagined the whole vault. Parietal or motor…um… fibrillation? It’s an open question whether scantily-clad onlookers contributed-to as much as they hindered intentional thought.
    (Loved your aside about the Q-states of the ball’s electrons)
    Thanks for posting; I’m a better primate for reading and listening.

    • We actually changed recording locations about 4 times, which is pretty obvious in the recording. Being recorded made me much more aware of surrounding distractions. Also, I try to use quantum physics as comic relief whenever I can.

      • I’m eager to read, calmly, the paper. And ‘How can it be that way?’ is itself a cosmic-relief joke on us, a penalty for peeling the last layer of the onion.
        You caught the ‘These are there (sic) stories typo on the pod-site?

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