Here you can find all previous and current posts, in some specific order!:

First Post – Conscious Mistakes — 9.9.2013
Here I explain this blog and what we’re doing.

Panthalassa — 23.9.2013
A short story about art and ancient times.

Coffee 2.0 — 13.10.2013
A rhapsody of coffee and neuroenhancement.

Suggestions — 21.10.2013
A poem and a music video about life on earth.

The Art of Forgetting — 4.11.2013
A journey into the fantastic life of the famous mnemonist S., patient of Alexander Romanovich Luria.

Words — 9.11.2013
A video revealing the subconscious bond between language and imagery.

Inform the metronome: A prisoner has flown — 9.12.2013
One reporter / human being’s experience of the album Sketchbook, by Marian Call.