I spoke in my last post about one of the most curious and remarkable associative memories of human history. S.’s vivid synesthesia bombarded him with unavoidable images and overwhelming sensations when confronted with words. Even for us, it’s not difficult to see what profound connections exist between our language and our mental imagery. What connections do we subconsciously make when we see images, and how much control over them do we really have?


One thought on “Words

  1. That’s a perfect piece, nicely making the point without a distracting script.
    (I’m profoundly synesthetic in all kinda new ways I’m only realizing as the pieces emerge from the mud and muddle. Even here on WP, a ‘green’ word in a comment will trigger a green reply, (unless i disagree, in which case it’s red words. background music, dependant on the key, tinges the colours of the walls.
    Ok, now I just must read S’s story. thanks for this clip/ JS/ Tel Aviv

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